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6 advantages of granite

The main thing that distinguishes Earth from other planets in the continental crust and oceanic crust, granite has an irreplaceable role in the living environment of human beings.

Naturally, granite has been loved and used by humans since early before. Many magnificent ancient relics, such as the pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians, the temples built by the ancient Greeks, the Buddhist temples and grottoes built by the ancient Indians, the Colosseum built by the Romans, and the grotto statues built by the Chinese in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, etc.

If we observe properly, we will be pleasantly surprised to find that granite is everywhere in it. With the development of human civilization, granite mining and processing technology have also developed rapidly, and the market scale has continued to expand.

It is foreseeable that in the future, whether it is geological prospecting, mining, production, and processing, or construction, decoration, and daily necessities, granite will still play its roles and these roles cannot be replaced by any other materials.

Here are 6 advantages of granite that are difficult to replace with any other materials.

1. Granite Have Good Stability

Granite is formed under high-temperature and condensation conditions. Due to the close inlay of minerals and the extremely small inter-particle gaps, and also the multiple tectonic movements with long-term changes in the cold and heat.

Since its formation, the granite remains the internal material stress has basically disappeared. Therefore, the texture of granite is extremely hard and its chemical properties are extremely stable.

Granite is difficult to produce elastic deformation and plastic deformation, which can maintain high precision under heavy load. Even after five or six years of high-frequency use, or after the surface is scratched or collided, only will find few gravel particles will be dropped. The deformation will not produce burrs.

2.Granite Easy To Process

Although granite is hard, high surface roughness and precision can be easily obtained through processes such as sawing, grinding, polishing, and cutting. Granite is unlike many metal materials that require a series of complicated forging and cold heat treatments.

Therefore, the processing equipment for granite is relatively simple, the processing cycle is relatively short, and the cost of processing the finished product is relatively low. Under the condition of a clean surface, the wear resistance of granite is still ten times more than the common cast iron parts.

After gone through a long duration of exploration and experimentation, people have been able to make granite into a variety of surfaces such as polished, matt, finely ground, fired, waterjet, sandblasted, etc., which is difficult to achieve using any other materials.

3. Granite Less Affected By Temperature

The linear expansion coefficient of high-quality granite at room temperature is only one-third of compare to general metals, and the thermal conductivity is only one-fortieth of general metals. It is less affected by temperature, so people don’t need to consider the impact of environmental temperature when using it.

Moreover, under the condition of slowly changing indoor temperature, the deformation of granite is only one-tenth that of steel and one-third that of cast iron. These characteristics make granite very suitable to make it as a raw material for high-precision measurement, processing equipment, and other fields that have certain requirements for accuracy.

4. Granite Easy To Maintenance

Granite has strong anti-corrosion properties. It can resist the corrosion of general acid and alkaline gases and solutions without applying any anti-rust grease. There is no need to worry about rust happen when using it, and there is also no need to worry too much about the factor of environmental humidity.

5. Granite Price Is Affordable

Compared with other materials of the same size, the price of granite is always lower. Moreover, because granite is resistant to weather, corrosion, abrasion, and low water absorption, granite disguised reduces maintenance costs and prolongs its service life.

6. Granite Is Less Pollution To The Environment

Many materials, especially synthetic materials, are often will cause certain side effects on the human body, and even are toxic, and need to be replaced several times during the life of the building. As a natural stone, granite has no side effects.





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